TYO Round Up: Week of July 21, 2012


This week, TYO catches up with the Child Friendly Schools project, checks in with Mohammed and Roula on the YALLA initiatives, closes out the last summer session of TWG and gains some new perspectives on education!

Sunday, July 22

TYO-Lebanon and the Child Friendly schools project talk about ways to improve resilience and coping skills in the classroom.


Monday, July 23

The interns explore the effects of gender-segregated classrooms, and discuss their ongoing efforts to promote co-education in Nablus.


Tuesday, July 24

Mohammed and Roula check in with progress from the YALLA initiatives, which are all moving along beautifully!


Wednesday, July 25

TYO takes a fresh perspective on education, tackling underlying issues such as conflict, safety, poverty and much-needed reforms.


Thursday, July 26

The final session of TWG ends in heart-warming presentations and tearful goodbyes. Thank you to all our amazing participants and staff!


Friday, July 27

This week, TYO catches up with Mohammed and Jamila for an interview in Washington, discusses gender-mixing in schools in both here and abroad, and discovers the superpowers of reading!