The Women's Group Summer 2012 Session in Photos

The Summer 2012 session of The Women's Group has been a unique one, as we introduced Beading and Photography classes as well as several new speakers including:

1. UNRWA Gender and Violence Trainer, Hanan Salam who spoke on mechanisms for discontinuing violence and fostering positive dialogue and family dynamics.

2. Pediatrician, Dr. Nisrin Quryeb who addressed intestinal inflammation in children.

3.Association of Women’s Committees for Social Work in Palestine who hosted seminars on breast cancer, adolescence, menopause, early marriage and family planning.

4. Palestinian Red Crescent Society who shared how to properly store medication and also detailed information on mental and physical disabilities.

5. ROA for Thinking and Creative Engineering, Shirin Sayed who provided discussions and hands-on activities to encourage creative thinking.

6. Union of Health Care Committees who facilitated a mobile clinic at TYO and held lectures on nutrition, diabetic comas, anemia, jaundice, osteoporosis, UTIs and involuntary urination.

7. Consumer Protection Society who explained the importance and keys to food safety.

8. Friends of Life Anti-Drug Society who led talks on addiction, smoking and drugs.

Scroll through the slideshow below to see the informative and fun-filled session in photos!


-Samin Samin is the Program Coordinator for Women’s Empowerment Programs.