TYO Recommends: Friday, July 13


This week and every week, TYO is inspired by ordinary women doing extraordinary things. From philanthropy to computer code and basketball to journalism, women are breaking down barriers, and impacting communities around the world.

I am Woman! A documentary by Linda Wolf pictures the lives of every day WOMEN around the world. Her aim is to highlight "the strengths that make each woman a full woman—to be valued and respected simply as women: resilience, heart, wisdom, intelligence, compassion, experience, intuition, beauty, love," and she does so from China to Guatemala, from India to Palestine.

By the Women, For the Women. An increasing number of CHARITIES are founded by women, meant to aid their peers in the developing world. The Women’s Philanthropy Institute at Indiana University reports that women are much more likely to give than men, and that the number of charities for women have risen sharply since 1985. Who are these women? What do they do? How can we help?

Learning Geek Speak. Women traditionally exceed in foreign language, so why not computer CODES? WeNews explores gender bias in the technology industry, the potential for females in programming, and lends inspiration to TYO as we continue to provide IT education and empower female entrepreneurs.

Coming to Play. Laylen, the 20-year-old star of an all-girls Iraqi BASKETBALL team, talks about her love of the game and how the sport empowers her. In this new Rise Above documentary, Laylen and her teammates set out to prove that they are as good as any amateur team, while combating traditional gender roles.

Because Girls are Smart! Amy Poehler is out to make just that point in SMART GIRLS, her youtube show where she interviews intelligent, inspiring women and feminists from around the world. In the first episode we meet Ruby, a young girl who "in her own playful, excitable style, points out that girls can do anything boys can do!"