TYO Round-Up: Week of July 14

This week TYO and the interns look at common names and the Arab education system, the YLC officers talk about leadership skills, the Women's Group looks back on a fun-filled summer and the recommended reading celebrates extraordinary women in every day life.

Sunday, July 8

TYO-L and the Child Friendly Schools project look for enthusiastic educators interested in broadening their skill set while making a difference in Lebanon. Now recruiting!

Monday, July 9

The interns analyze the Arab education system, and talk about their own innovative plans to encourage creative thinking and a more productive learning environment.

Tuesday, July 10

How do you become a leader? Roula and Mohammad, two YALLA communication officers and members of the YLC, offer advice on valuable leadership skills.

Wednesday, July 11

What's in a name? The interns talk about their students behind the most common names in Palestine, and how each one gives it a unique meaning and story.

Thursday, July 12

The Women's Group Summer 2012 session in photos is here! We had numerous inspiring speakers and a number of fun, informative workshops. Click here to check it out!

Friday, July 13

TYO is inspired by ordinary women doing extraordinary things. This week, we look at women are changing their communities by breaking down age-old barriers.