TYO Round Up: Week of July 15


This week, TYO interviews a student, checks in with the YALLA initiatives and recommends some inspiring reading, while the interns continue to work towards cultural understanding in the classroom... and in the kitchen!


Sunday, July 15

TYO interviews 11-year-old Bara'a Abu Salha, an inspiring student from Nablus who loves serving in her community.


Monday, July 16

The interns go to instructor Hanin's house for dinner and learn not just how to make Maqlouba, but important lessons in cultural exchange!


Tuesday, July 17

TYO checks in with the YALLA winners, who are in the budget planning stage of their proposals. Keep up the great work!


Wednesday, July 18

The interns tackle Palestinian misconceptions of Americans, while also breaking down stereotypes vice versa.


Friday, July 20

This week, TYO recommends stories of youth using creative expression such as sports, writing and technology to build bridges to cultural understanding.