YALLA: An Update on Wala'a and the Kids' Park in Deir al Hatab

Remember when we last checked-in with Wala'a? During the last three weeks, Wala' made great  progress with the Kids' Park in Deir al Hatab. Wala'a is a youth participant of the Youth Action Local Leadership Alliance (YALLA), a youth-led civic engagement program for youth ages 12-21. YALLA initiatives, like the Kids' Park in Deir al Hatab, are designed to empower youth to build and develop the community.

First, the construction team worked on preparing the land where the equipment was constructed. Part of the preparation process included fencing-in the property space. The next day of preparation, Wala'a and her YLC team went to Huwara to buy the park equipment. Afterwards, the equipment was delivered to the village council in Deir al Hatab, where they were stored. Before installing, the land needed approval from both the Israeli and Palestinian authorities. Three days later, they got the approval and the workers started installing the equipment including 11 benches, 6 swings, 4 see-saws, 3 merry-go-rounds, 3 slides and 2 rocking horses. The day after installation, the park ground was covered  with sand.

This week, Wala'a is working with volunteers from Deir al Hatab to put the finishing touches on the park by planting trees and plants and installing lighting in the park.

-Mohammad and Roula

Mohammad and Roula are the YLC's Communications Officers.