Public Health and Hygiene in Palestine

One definition of health is said to be the general condition of a person’s mind, body and spirit; usually meaning to be free from illness, injury or pain. From this definition one can grasp the importance of raising awareness on health issues, which cannot be accomplished without the integration of individuals, families and the community. According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization, the health situation in Palestinian Camps describing is a major contributor of diseases. TYO's target audience suffers many health issues and ailments, including small pox, lice,  skin diseases, and so on. Often dirty water is used for cleaning oneself, washing clothes and cooking, all of which increase and breed illness. Poor infrastructure of homes in the refugee camps and overpopulation also contribute to the spread of disease and infection. Furthermore, due to the refugee population's high rate of unemployment their poor financial condition limits them from buying quality food, leaving them with unhealthy meal options.

Through my experience working with children I have noticed that the simplest habits are lacking when it comes to health. Children seldom use tissues when sneezing, they do not wash their hands before snack time  and they leave trash lying on the floor. At Tomorrow’s Youth Organization health classes are offered in order to provide children and parents preventative healthcare measures, nutrition facts, and improved hygiene habits. In health classes children practice washing their hands properly, brushing their teeth and and eating healthy. TYO is doing its best to educate both children and parents on improving their lifestyles and choosing healthier options. So far, parents have responded very positively to our efforts and testify to the growth in health and hygiene they are noticing in their children. We are pleased to receive the positive feedback, and hope to continue contributing to the betterment of our beneficiaries health!

-Nehad Nehad is a Core Program Teacher.