The Women's Group One Year Anniversary!

One year ago, TYO launched The Women's Group (TWG) with the aim of increasing our support efforts for disadvantaged women in Nablus. Within a year's time we have amassed a depth of knowledge, lessons and experience, which we used to restore our existing system to create a more enriching program.

One of the major updates we made was aligning the weekly subject-matter of TWG seminars with that of the early childhood Core Program in order to thoroughly meet TYO's holistic approach of reaching the community. This way when children and mothers participating in TYO's programs go home, they are able to discuss and exchange information, continuing the knowledge sharing at home. The topics that were finalized are as follows:

1. Identity 2. Family Relations, Community Involvement and Volunteerism 3. Abuse 4. Children’s Special Needs and Disability 5. Nutrition/Exercise, Germs and Hygiene 6. Respect for and Safety around Animals 7. Health 8. Home, Transportation and Fire Safety

As always, our seminars are made possible thanks to the commitment of our local partners, who this session include: Women's Studies Center, Khawla Afoori, Friends of Life Anti-Drugs Society, Sami Abu-Sanober, The Association of Women Committees for Social Work, Consumer Protection Society; and our newest partners: Kenana Human Rights and Development, Care for Children with Special Needs Society, and the Fire Brigade Department of Nablus Municipality.

To further improve our program we have also started streamlining monitoring and evaluation, which measures the women's base knowledge prior to the start of the session and increase in their knowledge on topics related to physical and mental health and increase their social empowerment at the end of the session. We are very anxious to see what the results will reflect, and will be sure to keep everyone looped in on our progress throughout the session. Until then, enjoy the slideshow of our first week back with The Women's Group!

-Samin Samin is the Program Coordinator for Women’s Empowerment Programs.