TYO Recommends: Friday, September 21


Quiet in the back! Peer into education and classrooms around the world with this photo essay. From the Russian pupils in Prada to the Nigerian children who sit four to a desk, photographer Julian Germain takes us on a journey around the world's classrooms.

Measuring Success in the Classroom. A new generation of assessment tools are hoping to piggyback off the wealth of online rating software to find a better and more efficient method of assessing students. What works?

Cardboard Revolution! We all feel in love with the story of Cain and his arcade. His powerful imagination has inspired a foundation comittmented to creativity and entrepreneurship among youth and they are launching with a global imagination challenge on Play Day, October 6. Join the fun!

What will it take? In the video, President Kim of the World Bank asks #whatwillittake to end global poverty.


Woman to Watch. Under the leadership of Henriette Kolb, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in partnership with Nokia announce the launch of Businesswomen, a text messaging service catered to women entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Case for Optimism. In advance of his annual Global Initiative meeting next week, President Bill Clinton makes the case for a concrete, measurable and reproducible progress.