Every person grows up with different goals and plans for how to use their life. Here in Palestine it is no different than in the United States. Everyone wants the chance to pursue these dreams and fulfill their personal missions. Tomorrow’s Youth Organization has recognized this desire in countless members of our community, and especially in young up-and-coming businesswomen in and around Nablus. Through TYO’s Women’s Incubation Services for Entrepreneurs (WISE) program, women with inspiring and creative ideas from the community have come together for business trainings covering topics such as marketing, financial management, and long-term business planning. On top of that, they have benefited from classes taught by international interns on information technology and business English. This session I have been lucky to work with eight women in the WISE program to improve their conversation, professional, and written English.


Over the last eight weeks I have been working with my beginner English class to gear them up to deliver the first ever English language presentation of their business. On the last day of the session members of the class confidently stood in front of the room and spoke for three minutes about their business. Although a daunting, and somewhat scary, task they accepted the challenge and ended up impressing themselves with their ability. This assignment has struck a cord in them, and has them even more excited to improve their language skills in order to one day professionally present in English.

Although all the women I have been given the chance to work with are at different levels of English understanding, they all have the common interest to improve their language skills in order to improve themselves, their businesses, and their community. Entrepreneurs have a single thing in common, their motivation. All the motivation found in the WISE program has already added up to something great, and I can’t wait to see where it will go from here.

- Emily

Emily is an intern at TYO in Nablus