Youth in focus: An interview with Tasneem S.

Tasneem S. is from Nablus. She hopes to one day to study at a university. Tasneem

What made you apply for STEP?!

I was interested in applying for STEP! in order to gain working experience. I also like children and was looking for a way to make use of my free time. This was my first time ever volunteering and it was impactful.

What new skills have your learned through the program?

The most important part of the program for me was being able to experience volunteering with and working daily at an organization. I also learned so much from my fellow youth volunteers. I became really inspired by them as most of them are university students or graduates.

What are your career goals and do you feel that STEP! helped you get closer to those goals?

I’m panning to retake my Tawjihi exam and then go on to study Elementary Education at university. TYO helped me gain experience in teaching children and helping them to understand challenging subjects through play. I’m planning to continue volunteering at TYO while studying at university, in order to help prepare myself for my future career.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for youth like you in the current labor market?

I have no experience working in the job market and this is my first experience working with peers and colleagues. I don’t really know what challenges I may face but I’m preparing myself now to better understand the job market by working as a volunteer in my community.

-Interview conducted by Volunteer Coordinator, Ruba Hafayda

This program is funded by the Abdel Hameed Shoman Foundation (AHSF)