Youth in focus: An interview with Hadeer K.

Hadeer K. is from Nablus. She graduated in 2012 from An-Najah National University with a degree in Applied Chemistry. Hadeer Kukhun

What made you apply for STEP!?

I was interested in applying for STEP! to improve my communication skills. I had previously read about TYO’s work and liked its approach and I was interested in developing my English language skills as well.

What new skills have your learned through the program?

The most important skills I learned were communication and team-building skills. Through the program, I worked with children and communicated with them to teach them complex concepts in simple ways. It was helpful to work with a teaching group.

What are your career goals and do you feel that STEP! helped you get closer to those goals?

I’m panning to work in my field and to continue my studies. TYO helped me to gain professional work experience, taught me how to write a CV, and helped me improve on my communication skills.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for youth like you in the current labor market?

The biggest challenge is in finding a job because it rarely happens. It can also be challenging to gain experiences in our work field (for me, thats chemistry) in an attempt to better prepare ourselves for the job market.

-Interview conducted by Volunteer Coordinator, Ruba Hafayda

This program is funded by the Abdel Hameed Shoman Foundation (AHSF)