You Go Girl

Tomorrow’s Youth Organization believes that women and girls in the Middle East have the potential to be the dynamic change-makers the region needs to overcome current economic and social challenges. Our organization is firmly grounded in this ethos and, as such, provides multi-generational programming for girls and boys, youth, and adult women. We are fortunate to know, support, and work with organizations whose work is grounded in a similar commitment to developing the leadership, critical thinking, and scholarship of women in northern Palestine. Recently, the American Consulate General in Jerusalem partnered with An-Najah National University to provide GO Girls Summer Camp to Palestinian high school students. GO Girls Summer Camp is a week-long summer camp that aims to encourage high school students to get involved in careers like genetics, engineering, psychics, and other fields in which women are underrepresented. The participants had an opportunity to conduct hands on experiments and meet with women in similar fields. On August 26, 2015, TYO representatives attended the awards ceremony of hosted by both an-Najah and The American Consulate General for the girls who attended and completed the camp.

Go Girls participants pose for photo with Consulate General Donald Blume. (Photo courtesy of Consulate General's Facebook).

Through our work with children, youth, and adults in Nablus, we know that young girls and women in Palestine thrive both academically and socially when they are provided with opportunities to learn and grow. Programs like GO Girls Summer Camp and those offered at TYO provide young girls and women with the opportunity to tap into their vast potential and prepare them to become the leaders of both today and tomorrow.

- Vanessa, Women's Empowerment Program Coordinator