Celebrating International Women's Day Today and Every Day

Last week, Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO) launched The Women’s Group Spring 2016 program for women residing in refugee camps and disadvantaged neighborhoods in Nablus, with a focus on mothers of children in TYO’s Core Child Program. This session TYO is proud to offer Fitness and Nutrition classes taught by our Spring 2016 Zahi Khouri Fellow, Beginner’s English classes, and educational seminars focusing on mental health, physical health, and child-rearing. Today marks the 105th anniversary of International Women’s Day. According to CNN, International Women’s Day got its start when 15,000 trailblazing women marched through New York City to demand voting rights and better working conditions. TYO very much believes that while great strides have been made to advance women’s global empowerment, there is still a long road of progress ahead. TYO works to this end to provide the women of Nablus with invigorating exercise, critical life skills, and a community of women all of which help enrich their lives.

Some of TYO's 2016 Women's Group participants after their morning classes.

The women arrive to class ready for the challenge that awaits them and have already stated their confidence in speaking and comprehending English and making better health and nutrition choices has improved as a result of their participation in The Women’s Group. TYO looks forward to the months ahead as we continue to offer programming that empowers the women of Nablus to make positive, long-lasting change in their own, their family, and their community’s lives.

Vanessa, Women’s Empowerment Program Coordinator