Humans of Nablus 23


I love working with the kids at TYO because they have so much respect for the rules. I want to put these rules in every school in Palestine. For example, the kids only eat healthy foods, and they always clean their hands before and after eating. We have an expression in Arabic that says that teaching little kids is like carving into a stone, because once they learn the rules, they never forget them.

احب العمل مع الاطفال في منظمه شباب الغد  كثيرا لان لديهم احترام للقوانين .اريد ان تطبق هذه القوانين في كل مدرسه بفلسطين فمثلا لا ياكل الاطفال الا الطعام الصحي ويغسلون ايديهم قبل الاكل وبعده.فهناك مثل بالعربيه يقول التعليم في الصغر كالنقش بالحجر فمجرد ما يتعلم الاطفال القوانين لن ينسوها ابدا

Eman is a volunteer in the Core Early Childhood program as part of STEP! II, a youth employability, empowerment, and community leadership initiative supported by Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.