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Whiteboard or shovel?

After a typical day in my first-grade summer class, students leave for home with muddy shoes and dirt under their fingernails, because they have just spent an hour submerging their hands in flower pots, smelling and tasting herbs, and inspecting all the curves and dents of a flower bulb or a seed. We have ditched pencils for watering cans and notebooks for piles of soil.

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TYO’s New Program: Learning What’s Behind the Smiles

Interning at TYO has made me realize what a huge impact organizations like TYO have on the community. Being involved in the Family Psycho-Educational Intervention and Economic Support Program, Women's Empowerment and Parenting Program, and the Core Child Program has taught me what an invaluable facilitator for community development TYO is. I’ve seen children and women come out of their shell and grow confident in themselves and their abilities after only a couple of months in the children’s and women’s programs. And I’ve witnessed families overcome serious adversity through my work in the Family Psycho-Educational Program.

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