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Humans of Nablus 30

Education is so important. We need education so that we can develop ourselves and develop our country, and also because education really helps people.  I love working with the little children, but it can be hard.  In the beginning, they always started to cry, and it can be hard to control them, but we try.  We try to hold them and be soft to them.  And we succeed!  My best memory of playing with them is when we went outside with another class and played football with my class against his.  My team won!

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Humans of Nablus 19

When I was volunteering last session, I cooperated with the volunteers and got close with the children, especially the children ages 8 and 9. I did many exercises with them to help them write letters, and they learned them. For example, at the end of a few classes, I gave all of them homework to write a small story. Little by little, day by day, they wrote better.

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