Breathe easy child
We have left the camps
Found breadth for full lungs
Extend your rusted joints
There is space for broad shoulders and uncurled fingers
Fear not smashing them into concrete when dancing
The air out here is much softer on our hopeful bones
Remind your eyes of the way
sun light splinters into rays at the edges of clouds
and how they form golden pyramids over the mountains of Nablus
Remind yourself of how far you used to let your eyes wander
Before asking them to return with images of lemon trees
In there it was not very far.
There were no trees for eyes to wander to.
Windows only looked into windows
In there caged eyes could only gaze into eyes gazing back
days go by where you think you are looking in a mirror
before it always shatters
pieces of hope cut deeper then knives
The lucky ones stare out at brick walls, you think
For the rest, the soul is a public matter.
Now brush off the dust and shadow
make room for the light to dance on your skin and clothes
The skies are open again
let the breeze tickle your spine and shiver the worries  away
they are slick on your still smooth skin and slip off easy
I hope
relax your tense mind,
let the abrupt darkness of bullet holes blend into the crisp grayness of  the walls
and let that grayness fade into grayer memories
make space for the color of pomegranates
Filter out the silence with comforting city street noise
Let your lingering thoughts ride that river out of your head
Speak light with the sun on your tongue
Cough the coffin dust from your lungs
You do not have to wear your father’s ghost out here
The sleeves fall awkward over your short arm
And it hangs low over your voice
Which should be in the register of dreams
not the heavy manhood you are chained to
I know that you have seen death reflecting
through the other end of a gun barrel
but have you seen how much brighter
your eyes pierce through the daylight
So learn to breathe easy child
You are still young like the sun at dawn
Do not yield to the night just yet
- Samee
Samee is an intern at TYO Nablus and a participant in the Kalimatna Initiative.