The YLC's First Meeting with the YALLA Participants

The Youth Leadership Committee (YLC) of the YALLA Project had an introductory meeting for the participants with the YALLA project. The participants received information about YALLA project, better understood goals of the project and began developing their initiative ideas that the YLC members will help in supporting. During the meeting, the YLC answered questions for the young participants, making everything clear for them - including the objective and the process.

Eventually the (YLC) distributed the initiatives forms to the participants to let them write summaries about their initiatives in order to select the best 20 initiatives forms. In the coming weeks, these 20 participants will attend three workshops. During the workshops, the participants will work closely with the YLC members to develop their action plans and to help them to meet certain criteria. To select the strongest three initiatives, at the end of the project, the YLC will hold a meeting with the Advisory Committee.

The YLC has planned the first workshop training, and the workshops trainings will cover the following topics: leadership, communication, teamwork, problem solving, report writing, event management and public relations. The workshops training, lead by YLC members, will be a way to pass on what the YLC has learned from their 50 hour trainings, to the youth participants in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned to see how the workshop trainings go and which three strongest initiatives will be chosen to help the community of Nablus!


Ahmad is the Volunteer Coordinator and a member of the Advisory Board of the YALL Project.