Meetings, Trips and Installations

The Youth Action Local Leadership Alliance (YALLA) is a youth-led civic engagement program for youth ages 12-21. YALLA activities are designed to empower youth to build and develop the community. YALLA also aims to engage university-aged youth in their society.

This past Thursday, we held our weekly meeting with the Youth Leadership Committee (YLC), YALLA winners and TYO staff members. This weekly meeting provides a chance to update the group on the status of the initiatives, what's been done in the previous week, what the next steps are, discussing challenges and difficulties, and giving advice along the way. In reviewing the work plans, this is where YALLA initiatives currently are.

In the "Campaign Against Junk Food", Dima and Rola are going to meet the designer who will design the posters for their campaign. This week, they will visit Nablus, Beit Furik and Huwara municipalities for permission to post the posters in various location in these cities and villages.

"Get to Know Palestine" is moving along well. Rakan received a camera to take pictures throughout Palestine. This week, Rakan plans to focus on photographing the cities of Nablus and Ramallah. In Nablus, he will visit sites like Sebastiya, Mt. Gerizim,Jacob's Well and the Old City. In Ramallah, he will go to the Popular Art Museum and Ain Fara and Ain A'erek, both outside of Ramallah.

Kids' Park in Deir al-Hatab is making real progress in its development. Wala'a has confirmed that the Deir al-Hatab municipality is already working on laying down the sand for the park and constructing the wall surrounding the area. She expects the sand and wall to completed by this week! Next week, Wala'a will visit the store to purchase the playground equipment and set a date for installation.

-Mohammad and Roula

Mohammad and Roula are YALLA's Communication Officers