Introducing the Fall 2013 Interns!

Introducing the Fall 2013 interns! This session, six outstanding interns have been selected to work in the Nablus community. All with very different backgrounds, meet this session's newest additions to the TYO team! IMG_4675


Zak is a native of Madison, Ohio and received his BA in International Affairs from Univerisity of Maine and is currently completing his MA in Interational Relations from University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Zak taught children 5-18 in India and was an activities assistant at the Education First International School in Santa Barbara, CA. While living with a host family in Germany, Zak was an au pair for three children. Zak has taught drama, sailing, archery, English, and astronomy in Maine, California, India, and Germany.  Zak will be teaching Triple Exposure photography, An Najah Professional Competency, Staff English and The Women's Group (TWG) IT.


Noah completed his BA in Anthropology and Environmental Studies. He completed a study abroad program: Primates and Human Evolution-Paris, France. Noah was a Teen Program Intern at the Brooklyn Museum in New York where he worked with underprivileged youth and a Digital Media Assistant at the University of Chicago. He will be teaching a drama class, An Najah Professional Competency and TWG IT.


Rosie is from the UK and completed her BA in Politics from University of York. She volunteered at a camp in the UK and worked with victims of torture in Uganda. She visited Nepal to complete her thesis where she lived with a Nepali family for several months. She will be teaching a sports class, Najah Professional Competency and TWG Fitness.


Cynthia is from Canada and received her BA in International Development Studies from Trent University in Ontario. She is recently completed her Msc in Defense Development Diplomacy at Durham University in the UK. She participated in a four-month internship with an organization called Challenging Heights, which rescues, rehabilitates and educates former child slaves. Cynthia will be teaching a music class, An Najah Professional Competency and TWG Fitness.


Jessica has an MA in Latin American Women's Studies from San Diego State University and a BA in English from Florida State University. Originally from Maine, Jessica is a certified pre-school teacher and has been a gymnastics teacher for over 15 years. She has experience with the International Rescue Committee as an intern in Women’s Protection and Empowerment Technical Unit. She will be teaching English for the Core Child Morning Program and both health and gymnastics for the Core Child Afternoon classes.


Rachel started her journey to TYO as an intern in our DC office. She received her BA in International Studies in the Middle East & North Africa from Allegheny College, PA. Rachel spent a semester abroad at The American University in Cairo where she also volunteered as an English teacher. She will be teaching a sports class, Najah Professional Competency and TWG Fitness.