TYO Introduces the First Zahi Khouri Fellow

TYO is proud to announce our very first Zahi Khouri Fellow - Reema! Reema ZKF

Reema graduated from the University of Houston in 2012. After interning at the Baylor College of Medicine in the pediatrics and nutrition departments, Reema was later hired by Baylor and worked as an intervention specialist and trains research teams on the collection of physiological and psychosocial measurements. Reema was born and raised in the US but her family is from Nablus. While at TYO, Reema will work on co-teaching an English through Art class for children four and five years old as part of the Core Child Program, note taking in The Women's Group seminars and provide essential support to TYO's Core Child Program in the health class for six to eight-year-old TYO beneficiaries.